Is Kavanaugh the Judge You Are Grateful For?

Kavanaugh’s hearing has begun today, marking a step toward filling the current open seat on the Supreme Court of the United States.  Dominated by imprudence, today seems only to be a cesspool growing soundbites to benefit future individual political ambitions.  However, today does provide us with an opportunity to re-contemplate the role of a judge.  Of course, that will need to be done outside of contact with today’s hearing, but nonetheless, we can step away from the waste and think.

Lady Justice is blindfolded in the effort to convey a reality that justice is blind, focusing only on the reality of the questioned party or experience in measurement by the established law.  Judges are uplifted within a society to not only safeguard this ideal, but enact it.

As I contemplate this role of a judge, I think about The Judge.  Not an old GTO, but the Lord Himself, Who Scripture assures us is just and His Word is the established measurement by which we will be judged.  Yet, an important and compassionate difference exists between a societal judge and the Lord.  God is not blind.

God not only sees everything that everyone has done with His vision, He does not judge blindly.  God does not judge blindly — and I am very very thankful for that.  If God judged blindly then I’m done, put a fork in me.  I’ve failed in a life perfectly lived, as mandated by God’s Word. Maybe you have too?  If God judged blindly, then His Word would condemn me to the outer darkness.  Maybe you too?  But God judges with compassion for those who repent.  How lucky are we?  The Judge has created an experience through which we may enter His Kingdom, even when we fail at living according to His measure.

I pray with a grateful heart and offer thanks to the Lord for His mercy and compassion.  I will continue to repent.  I am thankful that He is not blind, and pray that The Judge will continue to bless us all with His Grace.  Maybe even find a way to get It into Washington D.C.?