Cultural Ministries

Hellenic Studies Program – Greek Language School

Built upon the foundation of the Saint Basil Greek Language program founded in 1992, the Saint Basil Hellenic Studies Program is focused on cultivating the spirit of and connectivity to the experience of Hellenism. Largely a Greek language program, many lessons are also focused on the ideas and figures of the Hellenic Empire and how they are still relevant today. It was in a world experience of Hellenism that God planted His Church, and it took root. The Hellenic Studies program is offered weekly to youth, grades K-6, from September through May. If you are interested in learning more about this ministry, please contact the church office.

Hellenic Dance Program

Celebrating Hellenic culture and cultivating positive fellowship activity, the Saint Basil Hellenic Dance Ministry is a great opportunity for children and adults to learn traditional Greek dances, and get your heart rate up! Our dance groups perform at our annual Greek Festival, local cultural celebrations, and community events. If you are interested in participating in the dance program, please contact the church office. All are invited!