Will the Saints Get Involved in Politics?

The world has been focused on the summit between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.  Depending upon which media source one trusts — many people are polarized as to their support and expectations of this meeting.  I say that most people’s thoughts are fueled by the media source that they trust, because most people are unaware of how to build their own thoughts and opinions anymore.  We living in an age and society where information is the most easily accessible that it has ever been, so accessible that knowledge is rarely earned anymore.  In the pursuit of knowledge we have become apathetic.  We have become content with opinions and conviction based upon a few minutes of google searching and the voice of a likable opinion commentator.  Don’t believe me?  Go talk to a protester on the street, protesting any topic, and ask a substantive question about their grievance… you will believe me afterward.  It is a sad irony. Endless information is within reach, and we shun it, choosing rather to favor someone else’s internet assembled thesis.  Plato, the Apostle Paul, and Thomas Jefferson are all shaking their heads.

Might I suggest another source?

I am a firm believer that knowledge to be applied is knowledge that must be earned.  I encourage everyone to read a book a week (at least per month) from diverse disciplines and begin arming yourselves with earned knowledge to engage the world!  But, there is another way to engage that has great impact…

Prayer. Let’s even ask the saints to get involved.

Rooted in Scripture (John 2:1-12) and countless experiences from history, Christians affirm that God responds when one intercedes for another.  When the one interceding is a saint — a holy person by virtue of their union with God — He truly responds.

July 15th was the feast day of both Saint Donald and Saint Vladimir. The patron saints of those named Donald and Vladimir… making any connections here?  I am certain that President Trump draws upon his personal history as a negotiator and businessman, together with briefings from multiple experts in preparation for these meetings.  I am certain that President Putin draws upon his training as a KGB agent, political history and advice from advisors in preparation for these meetings.  I do not know if either of them rely upon prayer, or ask the saints for guidance and help.  What I do know is that we all have the ability to pray and to ask the saints to get involved.

Yesterday, I asked Saints Donald and Vladimir to somehow get involved in these meetings, so that some kind of productive benefit may come from the meeting of these world leaders — in a way that benefits God’s people.  It does not need to be on my terms, or even in a way that I can discern; I simply asked that they pray to God that His people may somehow benefit from this summit.

In every Divine Liturgy, we ask the Lord to guide our civic leaders, so that through their good works we may lead peaceful and serene lives.  I believe that we need all the help we can get, and in addition to the prayers of the Divine Liturgy, I will keep asking the saints to get involved as well!

Will the saints get involved in politics?  That depends… will you ask them to?