Trust the Tall Guys

While growing up, my father would consistently tell me to ‘stand up tall,’ as ‘height is a gift from God!’  As I continued to climb the height chart at school, I would take note of historic figures who were tall – always impressing me was my favorite founding father of our great nation – President George Washington, who stood a minimum of 6’2”, which was impressive in his day.  Yes, I know that one of our great state’s founding fathers, Governor Samuel Houston, stood 6’6” tall, but we have to remember… everything is bigger down here in Texas!

At first President Washington impressed me with his physical stature.  As I got older, he impressed me with his military leadership, and political savvy.  As I mature, President Washington impresses me with example of dedication to a foundation of faith in God.

Each day, even when entertaining heads of state, President Washington would move to a quite space where he would dedicate himself to prayer.  A man who was in a position to be adored, if not worshipped, by a country, humbled himself to bended knees twice daily – recognizing that only with a foundation of faith in God could he lead the blossoming experience of America!  Perhaps the extra effort that it took a man standing 6’2” tall to prostrate himself helped to remind him of his dependency on God?

6’2 isn’t bad.  Imagine what President George Washington could have done if he was 6’6” (like Governor Houston), or even 6’9”!