Tired of the Circus?

The political landscape of our great nation is tiresome, and perhaps at times, frustrating.  Regardless of political stance, it is difficult in today’s environment to maintain a ‘glass is half full’ mentality given the sophomoric and non-substantive discourse being offered.

Circulating the internet over the last several months is a quote being attributed to General George S. Patton, “Politicians are the lowest form of life on earth.” I have been unable to confirm if General Patton actually said this, however, perhaps the very fact that this quote is being circulated as of late reflects the general public’s disgust with the political system and those nourishing themselves through it?  Even to the point where outlier candidates are receiving some traction, and a new television documentary covering the 2016 Presidential Election is titled, “The Circus.”

Although I advocate staying informed in our local society and vesting oneself as an educated voter, I do warn that seeking eternal integrity, or even consistency, in politics is a prescription for depression.

There is good news however… each Sunday morning you have the opportunity to journey to a place and experience where we may invest our hope, and find the doorway to eternal good!  Do not despair, maintain hope!  Bring your hope to Saint Basil the Great Greek Orthodox Church this Sunday at 10AM for the celebration of the Divine Liturgy.

Through our shared experience of the Divine Liturgy we may invest our hope and evoke the only real change that will improve our lives!