Room For Us All

Upon entering an Orthodox Christian Church, one of the first experiences seen is the large icon of the Virgin Mary in the rear apse above the altar.  In this particular icon of the Virgin Mary, a young Jesus is seen in front of her and her arms are outstretched, as if she is waiting to give you a hug!

This always reminds us that the Mother of God loves us, and is always eager to embrace us with her beautiful maternal embrace… the same embrace with which she held Christ as a child, and when He was taken down from the Cross.

In the icon we see that there is a lot of room in her embrace… room for all of us! No matter who you are, or what you have done — the Holy Mother of God is waiting for you to feel her maternal love.

Come to Church and feel the love of a Christian community, feel the love of the Virgin Mary, and feel the Love of Jesus Christ!  There is room for you!