Love Your Home Church? Then Love Our Seminary!

Today we celebrate the Elevation of the Cross of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Preparing to celebrate the Divine Liturgy this morning, my mind was distracted with great memories of our Seminary — the place we call ‘the Holy Hill!’

Roughly 60 acres in Brookline, MA – still 1/2 wooded, and on the tallest hill in the Boston area, our Seminary is the most serene environment in New England.  Central to campus is my favorite church in the entire world.  As a alumnus and a priest of the Orthodox Church, I could go on and on about our Seminary… and sometimes I do!

The Seminary is a beauty that nourishes the eyes!  But Holy Cross is also the well-spring that nourishes the entire Archdiocese!  Without priests we have no Church.  The early pioneers of our Archdiocese were leaders!  They understood that in order for the Church to take root and grow in the United States, we must produce clergy leaders from within our own experience — an American Seminary needed to be established!  They did it!

Beginning in Pomfret, CT and later relocating to Brookline, MA, Holy Cross has produced the majority of the clergy that have served the Archdiocese.  The flavor of Holy Cross has changed from generation to generation — that is to be expected and should be welcomed.  How else can it be authentic and representative of a greater culture that changes every generation?  This allows those following a calling to the Holy Priesthood to launch from Seminary into ministry with a spirit of realism that is not manufactured, but inspiring.

We have a shortage of priests in our Archdiocese.  At the same time, we have a shortage of parish communities prepared or willing to support the amount of priests needed to serve the community well.  Chicken or the egg?  By supporting our Seminary, we address the chicken and the egg.

Please support our Seminary and all the young men who may have a calling toward the priesthood. By doing so, you are strengthening the experience of your own local parish and others!  With well prepared priests, our communities will grow, and we will see new communities planted.

I love our Seminary! I consider it ‘my home parish.’

Do you love your home parish?  Then you must also love Holy Cross – because your parish may not have been established or sustained without our Seminary!

May our Lord bless Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology!