Book Recommendations

I am frequently asked for recommendations on books, especially books that pertain to Orthodox Christianity.  Here are a few books that I recommend for select reasons…

Introductory Book to Orthodox Christianity: Introducing the Orthodox Church, by Father Anthony Coniaris.  Father Coniaris has written over 100 books, all of which make tremendous connection between the reader and the practical experience of Orthodox Christianity. I highly recommend anything that he has written!

Historical Introduction to the Orthodox Church: The Orthodox Church, by Bishop Kalistos (Timothy) Ware.  This is a classic introduction to the Orthodox Christian Church through a historical lens.  I also recommend, The Orthodox Church (Denominations in America), by Father Thomas Fitzgerald.  This book provides one of the only researched accounts of the Orthodox Christian Church’s history in North America.

Growing into a Deeper Understanding of the Faith: The Mountain of Silence, by Kyriacos Markides. This personal account of pilgrimage tells the story of a journey from an experience of ‘cultural orthodoxy’ to a more substantive experience of the faith.  Becoming Orthodox: A Journey to the Ancient Christian Faith, by Father Peter Gillquist, tells the story of coming to the Orthodox Christian Church from an American Protestant background.

Something a Bit ‘Deeper:’ Soul Mending, by Father Deacon John Chryssavgis.  The first time I read this book I began underlining each part that i wanted to return to later for deeper thought and contemplation… after 10 pages I found that I had underlined almost every sentence!  Once again, Father Chryssavgis offers a refreshing expression of Christianity that is joyous and makes you want to work harder at being a better Christian.  The Sacrament of Love, by Paul Evdokimov.  This book is a tremendous examination at the experience of love and personhood.  Be prepared, it is written in typical European style – sentences can last for paragraphs, and the concepts are deep. You may need to read and reread sentence after sentence, but if you are willing to stretch yourself this book is tremendous!

From time to time I will offer a few book titles that I recommend on varied topics. For now, enjoy these classics and let me know what you think!  Happy reading!