A Safe Place to Entrust Your Support

Tragedies take place. Our great nation responds with generosity and grace to those in need.  In response to tragedies, Americans offer phenomenal amounts of support, financially and beyond.  Statistics support this claim, as does my personal experience from living through Hurricane Harvey.

A greater tragedy is born when that support is taken advantage of by charlatan organizations that prey on American good-will and absorb donations for their own benefit.  Statistics indicate, and personal experience illumines a reality that many large scale, well-known, self-proclaimed charity organization maintain overhead costs over 40%, 50% and 60%! Where are our dollars going?

There is a sage place to entrust your support!

International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC)

IOCC responds to human need, including tragedies across the globe.  With over 25 years of history, IOCC has maintained overhead costs at a level less than 10%. Furthermore, IOCC engages both public and private grants to address human need — to the point that every dollar offered by an individual (you and me) translates to over $10 of aid.  IOCC is a tremendous non-profit that transcends the experience of charity organization into a beautiful experience of Christian ministry!

I value the experience of IOCC to the extent that I send monetary donations to them, and I offered 9 years of service to IOCC as an executive board member from 2008-2017.  I do not promote IOCC because I was a board member and I am a supporter… I promote IOCC, I served as a board member and I give money because I trust IOCC and believe in what it does!

In response to the fires in California, in response to the fires in Greece, in response to human need — you can entrust your support to the IOCC!